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Custom Dress Designs

By Sasha Pust

Personalized and unique design, concentrated on your way of dancing and your physique.

We bring out the best possible version of you.

We take time to hear your wishes and create designs that feel and fit like a  beautiful glove.

More About Sasha

Dance teacher, Adjudicator, Designer and Stylist for top Latin American and Ballroom couples

Her success is based on the creation of designs that bring out the true, authentic character of each individual dancer and ensures they shine on the dance floor.

Each dancer has her/his individual characteristics: body proportions, colors, level of movement and technique. These are the elements Sasha Pust uses to create strong and positive designs that support winning results.

Working with top amateur and professional couples from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore and lately, Japan, she has what it takes to guarantee you Move it With Style. 

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