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Learning dance is a combination of
desire, excitement & fun
We have a unique way of teaching to bring the quality of your dancing to the next level, whether you are semi-pro or just starting out!

Make your soul and body happy...

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About the Instructor

Mica Milojkovic began dancing in 1989.


By 1999 and 2000 he and his partner placed first at the Serbian Amateur Latin National Championship. 

Mica turned professional in 2001 and has not slowed down since. He teaches ballroom dance full-time. 

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons for Everyone!

Fun, exercise and a great way to meet new people!


Cost-effective, semi-private lessons now available for 2-6 people.  

Have fun and gain confidence for your first dance!

Wedding Couples

Pro/Am Competition

Do you have a competitive personality?  

Have you ever considered showing off your skills?  

Then why not try Pro/Am Competitions!  

Correct poor posture, increase balance & coordination, helps with socialization communication skills and build confidence & self-esteem.


Feel the thrill of competitive dancing!  Very little can be compared to the   rush you feel just before stepping onto the dance floor.  Every result is decided before you step onto the competitive floor.  From choosing a great coach, having the right attitude, creating the perfect partner and with a lot of hard work, you can reach your maximum potential!


Sasha Pust

Mica's Team

Contact Mica about visiting coaches!

Grant McDaniel

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Instructor: Mica Milojkovic

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